SGET e.V. Goals

  • Provide a platform to grow embedded industry specifications with a low overhead and high performance
  • Truely global oriented, not limited to Europe
  • Define and market industry standards without bureaucracy
  • Free access and download to all specification without limits
  • Broad and open organisation
  • Independent specification / working groups for embedded technologies (Hardware, Software, Systems, Interfaces, Mechanics, ...)
  • Only „manufacturers“ or companies with a strong product focus are allowed to vote within a working group. This will avoid political influence and reduce the "time-to-spec". 
  • Non-Profit Organisation: The low operation cost is financed by the membership fee's.
  • Workgroups are equipped with own budget to finance marketing, simulations, ...

Member Benefits

  • Influence on new specifications
  • Logo usage

    • SGET member logo
    • all SGET specification trademarks and logos

  • Visibility of company and products at the SGET webpage
  • Networking in the embedded community

SGET e.V. Board

The SGET e.V. voted at the member meeting June 14, 2018 the executive board:

  • Chairman: Wolfgang Eisenbarth
  • 1st Deputy: Christian Eder
  • 2nd Deputy: Martin Unverdorben
  • Treasurer: Martin Steger
  • Secretary: Mark Swiecicki



How to Become SGET Member

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